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EDIT: You can now put “Fellowship Bible Church” in iTunes search bar and find the podcast. Just look for our logo! Alternatively, you can still follow the directions below.

Do you want sermons to automatically show up in iTunes? Well, your in the right place! Just follow these quick instructions and you’ll be enjoying hours and hours of sermon audio.
iTunes Tutorial
1. Open your iTunes application.
2. Press File>Subscribe to Podcast..

  • If you can’t find “File”, press “Alt” or “Ctrl+B” to access the Menu Bar.
  • If you are using an older version of iTunes, press Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast..

3. Enter http://fbclindon.org/feed/podcast in the open dialog box.
4. Press “OK”

You’re all set to download sermons to iTunes!

If your using another podcast app, just find where you need to insert a URL and use the url from step 3 above.