Latest Sermons

Pastor Chris Dodson
May 26, 2013

1st Peter: “Submission to Masters”

May 19, 2013

1st Peter: “Submission to Government”

Follow along with Pastor Chris as we study 1st Peter 2:13.

May 5, 2013

1st Peter: “Aliens and Strangers”

We must not conform to the mold of this world, rather we must recognize where our true citizenship is.

February 10, 2013

1st Peter: “Who Are You?”

Follow along with Pastor Chris as we continue in 1st Peter and answer the question, “Who are you?”.

January 6, 2013

1st Peter: “Hitting Gods Mark”

To best ensure that we are hitting Gods mark, we must evaluate how we manage our family. Pastor Chris shares some shocking statistics and encouraging challenges in this weeks message.

November 25, 2012

“The Corner Stone for the Christian Life”

July 29, 2012

Keys to Overcoming

If you want to overcome, if you want to have victory, there are a couple of keys found in this passage 1) We are to love each other. 2) Our love must be rooted in truth.