Titus “Orders for the Younger: The Younger Men”

May 18, 2014

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PROPOSITION: To uphold the honor and reputation of the church, the younger men must exemplify godly character and behavior.  What specifically is that godly character and behavior?  What is the younger men’s responsibility?


  • The R____________ of the Y_________ M_________



  1. The E_______________ for Titus to Give (v. 6)


  1. S_____________


  1. The E___________ for Titus to Model (vv. 7-8)


  1. G___________ D___________


  1. P___________ in D_____________


  1. D________________


  1. S____________ in S_____________


  • The R_________ for F_________ Their R__________



So that the o____________ will have nothing b______ to say about the C_____________.




Bible References

  • Titus 2:6 - 8