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Peru Mission 2014 | Day 4

The team made great progress yesterday. We complete the two bathrooms and finished constructing the frame of the building. A lot of work was accomplished yesterday. The next work day we will stand the structure upright and mount the supports in preparation for installing the roof. We are on track to hold a first service on Sunday afternoon. 

Only one injury this far. Burton decided to lodge a drill bit into Clancy’s finger, or better said, Clancy decided to place his finger directly behind the metal piece that Burton was drilling. Pray for continued safety as we work. 

Today the team is taking a free day. We will rent motorcycles and and visit the Cataratas and have lunch in the mountains. We look forward to a well needed day of rest. Pray for the teams safety 


Yesterday was my favorite day so far, (insert sarcasm here) Feeling better today, which was a good thing. Today we went for a motorcycle ride to the waterfalls and Lamas . In Lamas we stopped at a souvenir shop, a cute little boy went right up to Rob, and asked him if he had any candy. He remembered him from last year. How I love my Candy Man.