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Tarapoto, Peru

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Uganda, Africa Church Plant Project

Destination: Busiu, Uganda, Africa


From July 3rd – 17th of 2009, we participated in a mission’s project in the village of Busiu located just outside of Mbale, Uganda, Africa. Pastor Mike and Vince (Elder) along with some other Utah/Idaho pastors traveled with a team from Rocky Mountain Bible Church of Frisco, Colorado. This trip’s two-week ministry focus was entirely spiritual in nature, primarily including:

  • Hut-to-hut Evangelism
  • Open-air Crusades
  • Public School and Prison Evangelism
  • Youth Conferences
  • Encouragement of the churches that had been planted in previous years
  • “Scouting out” missions fields to target and invest in for future missions

The Lord was gracious to produce much visible fruit from the efforts of this trip! The first ministry day was spent encouraging the churches that had been planted by the same team in the previous few years located in the villages of Angalia, Namunyu and Kerekeren. We held men’s, women’s and children’s Bible studies as well as a combined worship service in each location. We had the excitement on our first Sunday there celebrating the one-year anniversary of a church that was planted the previous year.

The following Monday through Friday we spent each morning and early afternoon walking the countryside around Busiu sharing the gospel with literally every person we saw. The team spread out each day and by the end had stopped at every hut in the village. We preached the gospel in the village center where people would buy and sell, in the fields where people were working, on the roads…everywhere! Unbelievably, many had NEVER heard of Jesus Christ before.

Each evening after the “hut-to-hut” evangelism, we would gather outside the newly constructed church building and hold evangelistic services. A few hundred would show up each night to hear the gospel preached.

On Sunday, after the week of evangelizing the countryside, we held the first worship service at the church building. There were over five hundred locals present! We installed a seminary trained man from the area as the pastor of the church and enjoyed worshipping God together.

In addition to the evangelism day to day in the village, small teams were assembled and sent into prisons and schools in the surrounding areas. The gospel was able to be openly preached in the schools and prisons with hundreds making decisions to trust Jesus as their Savior.

Pastor Mike and Vince also had the wonderful privilege of speaking at an international youth/young adult conference with over 1,200 in attendance from Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. These young men and women were believers that wanted to be taught and equipped for service of our Lord. Pastor Mike was even able to lead the congregation in a few songs of praise and worship. We were referred to as “The Muzungu Band” [The “white man” band]…maybe it was our dancing skills that gave us away…

By God’s grace and strength much was accomplished for the furtherance of His kingdom. Literally, over a thousand men, women and children placed their faith in Jesus Christ to save them over the course of the two-week mission’s project. In addition, over a thousand believers were further discipled and encouraged in the faith.

All glory be to God for His love and work among men and women from all nations!